For the past few years I have been trying to shift my holiday focus from presents to presence — choosing quality time with friends and family over what can quickly become the gross excess of a modern Christmas. But even still, there’s nothing better than giving — or receiving, for that matter — a perfect, thoughtful gift to someone that you love.

With that in mind, here are a few of my picks of what to give the holistic-foodie-green-witchy woman in your life. And if any of my Secret Santas are reading, consider this my official wishlist!


1. Fitzy’s Chocolate – Made in small batches in Vancouver, each heavenly square of Fitzy’s dark chocolate is filled with salted coconut caramel. Organic, vegan, gluten-free, perfection.

2. Planta Gift Card – I was gifted a meal at Planta for my birthday and I am still daydreaming about it a month later. One of the best meals I have enjoyed in Toronto in a long time, Planta is entirely plant-based but you’d never even knowgift_guide_2016_decadence

3. Saje Energy Revitalizing Mist – I haven’t quite drunk the essential oil kool-aid – yet – but I do love this revitalizing mist from Saje. A light spritz is just as uplifting and energizing at 3pm as a double Americano.

4. The Perfect Red Lipstick – The best Christmas gift I have ever received is a tube of the perfect red lipstick. Ilia is on my list of favourite clean beauty brands and they have the best lipsticks – they are long-lasting and make your lips feel amazing. This year I’m coveting Strike It Up.


5. Gold Apocathary Salt of the Month Club – For the bath lover in your life, have a bottle of Gold Apocathary’s signature bath salts delivered to their door for three months in 2017. We don’t have a soaker tub so I’ve got some major bath envy for anyone lucky enough to get one of these.

6. Magic Hour Revolution Candle – I rarely do any self-care ritual like journaling, meditation or vision boarding without first lighting my Magic Hour candle. Each candle is infused with herbs, flower essence, essential oils, gemstones and charged with intention. The Revolution candle is intended to “support radical transformation, inspire liberation, and continue to illuminate justice for change and healing within ourselves and our world.” TIMELY. And 100% of profits made on this candle will be donated to social justice organizations each month.

7. Small Victories – Julia Turshen is my ultimate food crush and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of her first solo cookbook. Small Victories is more than just a collection of recipes; Julia has also included hundreds of tips that she’s picked up over the years as a professional and home cook to give you the confidence to get in the kitchen and get cooking. For more from Julia and some next-level inspiration, check her out on the One Part Podcast.

8. The Best Kind of People – Getting back to reading for pleasure has been at the top of my self-care list for 2016 and this was the best thing I’ve read in a long time. Zoe Whittall wades into topics around rape culture and consent in this highly entertaining, darkly funny story that is just perfect on all accounts.



9. Menstrual Cup with Glitter Blood Pin from Anon Crafts – This gem needs no further introduction.