I’m the thick of doing my first Whole30 and it’s been an… interesting experience thus far.

As a nutritionist I always assume that giving up bad habits and foods that might not be the healthiest (I’m looking at you dairy) is going to be a cinch. But I’m always humbled by how challenging making a change really is.

One of the best parts about the challenge is getting out of my rut of cooking the same recipes over and over again. Even though I love cooking and exploring new recipes, real life doesn’t always afford me the time to browse through cookbooks or cruise Pinterest for new inspiration. Knowing that I can’t fall back on a few of my old standards — my kitchen mantra is when in doubt, grain bowl — I used some precious downtime to check out a few paleo-approved cookbooks from the library and dig in to the best recipes online.

I’ve discovered a few recipes that are so good they’ll be making it into my regular rotation when my 30 days are up. Of course I couldn’t keep these gems to myself, so here are 30 of the best recipes I’ve found for when you’re into a Whole30… or not!