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The Perfect Diet

On a summer’s evening, a month or so before I started nutrition school, my guy and I drove out to our favourite old-timey ice cream place. I ordered my usual – a hot caramel sundae with nuts – and since it had been a tough week, hell it had been a tough 30 years, I upgraded my sundae to a size medium even though it was always too much and left me with a stomach ache.

As I sat there eating the ice cream I didn’t even want, ashamed that I was once again overeating, I thought to myself, “when I’m a nutritionist I’ll finally have the perfect diet.”


What does a healthy period look like?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time — for better or for worse — in front of a mirror, wondering if your body is normal. The shape of your thighs, the size of your feet, your uneven breasts. But have you ever stopped to consider if your period or menstrual cycle are “normal?” Is there even a normal when it comes to this stuff?


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