body literacy

Episode 59 – Feminist Pregnancy & Childbirth with Angela Garbes

Today I’m speaking with Angela Garbes, journalist and author of Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy. We discuss the lack of good information when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, the moral frame we put around these life events, what a feminist birth and pregnancy look like, talking to our kids about their bodies and so much more.


Episode 58 – Breaking the Curse of Menstruation with Guest Host Kathleen Shannon

Today on the show Kathleen Shannon, co-founder of Braid Creative and Being Boss Podcast co-host, takes the reigns to interview me about my new book, Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation. We talk about my early interest in periods, how period shame shows up in our culture, where menstrual equity intersects with other social justice issues, hormonal birth control, body literacy, where period pain comes from and what we can do about it, and so much more.