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Episode 10: Going Green for Healthy Hormones with Emma Rohmann

The Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 10: Going Green for Healthy Hormones with Emma Rohmann

This week I’m talking to Emma Rohmann, founder of Green At Home, all about how the environment affects our hormones. In this episode, we discuss what “toxins” and “chemicals” really are, what an endocrine disruptor is and where they can be found in our homes, the link between our liver and hormones, and how you can limit your exposure without going crazy.


Creating Inclusive, Accessible Wellness Spaces

Last weekend I attended a workshop with Dianne Bondy, yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement (and also my new bff), hosted by the New Leaf Foundation. The workshop was titled “The Path to Empowerment, Self-Love and Body Acceptance” and I signed up as I have personally been struggling with these three things since the birth of my daughter in 2015. Going into the workshop I assumed that I would leave with some tools to help me learn to love this post-partum body that I’m still getting used to – and I certainly did. And perhaps more importantly, I also left with a new perspective on the wellness industry and the real issues it has with inclusion and accessibility.


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