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What to Eat When You Just Had a Baby


Pretty much every pregnancy or birth preparation book that I’ve read has ended on the day the baby arrives in the world, with little to no mention of how to care for you in the days, weeks and months following the birth of your baby. Both pregnancy and delivery are major physical events that take a toll on your body, and can be compounded by the physical, mental and emotional stress of caring for a new baby. While nutrition might feel like the last thing on your mind your body needs nutrients now more than ever.


What to Eat for a Great Night’s Sleep

What to Eat for a Great Night's Sleep

How do you feel after a shitty night’s sleep? Aside from the obvious tired, you might feel irritable, depressed or anxious and you might be craving sugar or carbs, your body’s way of asking for a quick source of energy to perk you up.


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