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The Final Frontier: Why I finally gave up hormonal birth control

copy-of-my-pill-story-mainWhen it came to holistic, natural living hormonal birth control was my final frontier. I had long favoured unprocessed foods, clean beauty products and chemical-free cleaners before I ever considered giving up my trusty Nuvaring. Natural birth control was something I had read about it but I certainly didn’t understand it. And besides, my hesitation really had little to do with pregnancy – I was terrified to find out what my periods might be like after more than a dozen years on┬áhormonal birth control.


A Year of Motherhood

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A year ago today my girl arrived in this world. The past few days I have been reflecting on my first year of motherhood and how life has changed since my daughter was born.

It feels impossible to talk about the past year without starting with the birth.