Today I am sharing a special episode of the Heavy Flow Podcast to talk about racism, white supremacy and anti-racist work, and sharing tools and resources for white, liberal, feminist women to show up, do the work and dismantle white supremacy.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Layla F. Saad@laylafsaad
Rachel Cargle / @rachel.cargle
Erick Hart / @ihartericka
Rachel Ricketts / @iamrachelricketts
Cindy Luquin, founder of Howl At The Womb / @howlatthewomb
I’m With Periods / @imwithperiods
Fertility Friday
Rachel Rodgers / Rachel Rodgers video on the good white liberal response
White fragility
Ann Friedman / @annfriedman
Me and White Supremacy
How to Be An Antiracist
The Skin We’re In
Reproductive Justice: An Introduction
Medical Bondage: Race, Gender and the Origins of American Gynecology
Anti-Racism Reading List

Heavy Flow conversations about race: 

Heavy Flow #3 – Creating inclusive and accessible wellness spaces with Dianne Bondy
Heavy Flow #55 – Race, culture and reproductive health with Cindy Luquin
Heavy Flow #66 – Period taboo in the black community with A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
Heavy Flow #73 – Resisting and Rethinking Colonialist Ideas About Menstruation with Taq Bhandal

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