The Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 16 Clare Kenty

This week I’m talking to Clare Kenty, Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Master, and Educator. We are getting deep into the woo-woo stuff this week, talking all about womb healing and wellness on both a personal and collective level.

CW: miscarriage, abortion, sexual assault

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What we discussed:

  • How Clare’s miscarriage began a journey that transformed her life and her work
  • Thinking of the womb as an energetic space that transcends our physiology
  • Holistic healing for menstrual pain and disorders
  • Using your period as a teacher
  • Organizing your life around your menstrual cycle and embracing your witchiness
  • The collective womb healing happening in the wake of the #metoo movement
  • Balancing femininity and masculinity at the dawning of this new age
  • Why self-care isn’t a privilege and how to bring healing into your life without spending a single cent

The Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 16: Womb Wellness with Clare Kenty

Connect with Clare:

Womb Wellness 101 FB Group

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness Open House
Episode 08: Birth Trauma with Olivia Scobie
Episode 04: Cycle Syncing with Gabrielle Lichterman

Clare’s favourite books:
Sacred Woman
Womb Wisdom
Goddess Wisdom
Women Who Run With The Wolves
Rise Sister Rise

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