Heavy Flow Podcast #42 - #periodpositive with Chella Quint

This week I’m talking to Chella Quint, a comedian, artist, writer, teacher and founder of #periodpositive. Chella and I discuss the importance of positive menstrual education, our first period stories, the origins of period positive, why the goal is truly period neutral and what that would mean in our culture and the case for taxing tampons. 

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Heavy Flow Podcast #42 - #periodpositive with Chella Quint

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What we discussed: 

  • Chella’s origin story and how she became a menstrual superhero
  • Why positive period education is critical
  • Our first-period stories
  • The fear and shame teenagers feel around leaking
  • What needs to change in menstrual education to dismantle shame and taboo
  • Are spiritual menstrual practices just personal or does it help to enact change?
  • Why period neutral is the real goal of #periodpositive and what it means for education, politics, culture and more
  • The case for taxing menstrual products
  • The origins and intentions of #periodpositive

Connect with Chella: 

#periodpositive website

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Adventures in Menstruating
Shirley Prendergast
The Menstrual Product Mambo
Chris Bobel – New Blood
Chella’s TED Talk
A Bloody Good Show – Nov. 16 (Liverpool)

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Produced by: TK Matunda
Music credit: Julia and Bradley of Home Studios
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