fmd_cru6otk-cathryn-laveryI love a fresh start and that includes New Years Resolutions. I don’t care if they’re cheesy or cliche or if the media says they never work, I always make a couple each January. I’m not talking about fad diets or dropping big bucks on a gym membership I’ll never use, but getting clear on what I want from the next 12 months and setting some intentions on how to make it all happen.

This year I’m resolving to get back to a regular exercise routine to regain the fitness and strength I lost during pregnancy and to try and eliminate plastic from our home. I also like to pick a theme for the year that sums up my intentions and acts as a guide when it comes to making both big and day-to-day decisions. This year my theme is nourish – my body, my mind, my spirituality, my business, my family. (I’ve been loving this workbook to help me get clear on my vision for the year ahead.)

Because I love resolutions so much I asked a couple of my favourite fellow wellness pros to share some inspiration to make 2017 your best year ever. Here are a some simple tips and habits that are easy to implement on a daily or weekly basis that will add up to big changes over the year.

Tell me about your resolutions. Leave a comment here or find me over on Instagram! Happy New Year!


If you resolve to improve your eating habits…

saraThese days we’re all multitasking all the time and it’s having a profound impact on our digestion and overall health. Try picking one meal or snack each day and do nothing but eat. No looking at your phone, no watching TV, no reading, driving or rushing around the house trying to get ready. Sit down at a table and be present for the sacred act of eating. Notice how the food looks, tastes and smells. Be aware of how you feel as you’re eating it. And listen for the subtle signals your body is sending to say that it’s had enough. – Sara Best, Nutritionist & Mindfulness Coach //

If you resolve to stress less…

kimWe all want to reduce our stress. That’s a given. But, practicing gratitude has many more positive impacts and is a simple way to make 2017 your best year yet! In 2017, try practicing gratitude every day in some way. For example:

  • Say it out loud to your spouse or kids before bed
  • Write it in a journal
  • Drop little gratitude notes into a jar…(this can be a fun and rewarding experience to look back on at a later date)
  • Write it on post-it notes somewhere you can see every day
  • Or just mentally focus on all that you have to be grateful for a minute or two each day (while walking, in the shower, brushing your teeth)

– Kim D’eon, Registered Holistic Nutritionist //

If you resolve to be more green…

emmaRead labels. Many people are surprised that many everyday products aren’t fully tested for health impacts and may contain ingredients that are known or suspected endocrine disruptors. This includes make-up, baby care products, and household cleaners. The key to effectively reading labels is to turn the package around and read the full ingredients list. Avoid products with phthalates, fragrance or parfum, and parabens, for example. You can use tools like the Think Dirty App or Dirty Dozen Wallet Guide to help! – Emma Rohmann, Founder // Green at Home

If you resolve to move more…

jennGet the notion of 1 hour workouts out of your head. The idea that you have to workout for 1 hour (or more) is outdated. I;m not saying it hurts, I am just saying that it can be a mental barrier for a lot of people.  20 minutes. That’s all you need to work up a good sweat, get your blood pumping, get your sweat rolling, and get yourself feeling good again. Shoot for 20 minutes of intense work 4 times a week. That’s your goal. – Jenn Green, Baby Mama and Body Boss // Baby Mama Fitness

If you resolve to get a better night’s sleep…

rebeccaAcknowledge your need to sleep by going to bed at a time that is appropriate for your sleep needs. The average healthy adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night (some need a little more, and some need a little less). Track the number of hours you get each night and evaluate how you feel in the morning. Is it difficult to get out of bed? Do you look or feel fatigued? Are you emotional, irritable or short-tempered? Is your productivity level low? Do you rely on caffeine? If you answer yes to these questions on a regular basis, then you may need to adjust your bedtime earlier to allow for more sleep. And don’t forget to periodically re-evaluate your bedroom conditions. A calm, cool, quiet and dark environment will also help to facilitate better quality sleep. – Rebecca Earl, Sleep Coach // The Sugar Plum Sleep Co.

If you resolve to invest in self care…

claraIndulge in a ridiculously long bath. Whether it’s using Gold Apothecary bath salts + extra unscented salts to make it extra salty OR your favourite bubble bath. I like to leave my phone in the other room but bring my laptop in with me and prop it on a little chair, a far enough distance away from the bath. I put on my favourite Netflix series and CHILL the F out! Of course reading is encouraged but I’m always afraid I’ll drop my book in the tub. Wine, tea or sparkling water also enhances the experience. – Clara Gold, Founder // Gold Apothecary

If you resolve to create boundaries…

alyssaStop saying yes when you really want to say NO! It’s so easy to set ourselves to the sideline and compromise how we really feel. This can quickly become a consumer of time and energy preventing us from investing it in the places that really matter like our happiness and our health. – Alyssa Labrecque, Registered Holistic Nutritionist // Soul Food Nutritionista