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green juice (aka pressing the reset button)

green juice aka the rest button

It’s no secret that green smoothies are in regular rotation around here. But every so often you need to bring out the big guns – like after you’ve eaten your way through New York City. Or you’ve spent the afternoon sipping vodka cocktails and eating cupcakes by the pool with a couple of girlfriends. Or you had dinner on the midway at the CNE. Or when you’ve recently done all of the above and feel like it’s time to hit the reset button. That’s when it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery: juice. (more…)

vacationing like a boss

There hasn’t been much cooking going on at our place these days. Between a big project at work and getting ready for vacation, our meals have fallen somewhere between assembling things on a plate and ordering pizza.

We’re in New York for an extra long weekend, my very favourite place to eat! It’s easy to let vacation mode get the better of you and come home feeling less than stellar. But at the same time you want to let your hair down and not worry about every calorie. Last week Holli Thompson shared her tips for travelling in nutrition style, aka travelling like a boss and coming home feeling great. I know I’ll be keeping these top of mind while we’re here. Check them out and have a great long weekend!

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