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Shark Week Round-Up

A radiant Serena Williams for Vanity Fair by Annie Liebowitz

A few good things about this upcoming weekend that includes a lot of celebrating: Canada Day long weekend. I am helping my sister move into her first apartment two blocks away from me and I’ve got a very special bottle of sparkling wine and a family-sized bag of chips to celebrate the occasion. My mom requested a pizza party for her birthday and I am happy to oblige. But before we get to all that, a few good things from the internet this week.

My Summer Bucket List

On the chalkboard wall in our kitchen, my family wrote out a bucket list for the summer. It includes the usual summer in Toronto things like going to the CNE and hiking in Rouge Valley and pretending we’re on vacation at Harbourfront.

And then there’s one thing on there that’s just for me: no self-improvement.