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4 Nutrition Tips for Pain-Free Periods

When I was in grade six my best friend Nadia and I were obsessed with getting our periods. We’d clutch our abdomens, groaning about having “cramps” – I did not have cramps – convinced that our monthlies were about to arrive at any minute. As a naïve 11 year old, I had no idea what I was wishing for.


The Best Apps for Period Tracking & Body Literacy


So now that we’re clear on why you should care about your period even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, it’s time to well, care about your period.

Don’t worry – there’s an app for that. It’s probably no surprise that I have an entire folder of apps labeled “Periods” on my phone. But like pretty much everything in the world, not all apps are created equal. Here are the apps that I recommend for tracking your reproductive health and improving your body literacy.