A radiant Serena Williams for Vanity Fair by Annie Liebowitz

A few good things about this upcoming weekend that includes a lot of celebrating: Canada Day long weekend. I am helping my sister move into her first apartment two blocks away from me and I’ve got a very special bottle of sparkling wine and a family-sized bag of chips to celebrate the occasion. My mom requested a pizza party for her birthday and I am happy to oblige. But before we get to all that, a few good things from the internet this week.

Two big period misconceptions: when period pain is not normal. And why we’re taught to hide our period.

Serena’s Vanity Fair shoot and pregnancy as public performance.

Everything that Rachel W. Cole writes is painfully beautiful. And also true.

An incredibly sweet and touching story on how Glee club changed one young girl’s life.

I listened to a lot of podcasts this week. My favourites were this Future of Sex episode that explores the female body online. Aliya Pabani’s interview with Kaitlin Prest on the making of The Heart’s mini series on consent (trigger warning for sexual abuse). How Teen Vogue Got Woke. Lena Dunham on Janet Mock’s Never Before.

A cute animated short all about the clitoris.

Following @pink_bits on Instagram for the cutest body posi illustrations.

Why are female doctors introduced by their first name while men are called “doctor?”

I spent some money to support independent media this week and encourage you to do the same. I subscribed to Bitch and Shameless print mags, upgraded toAnn Friedman,‘s paid email subscription and became a Canadaland patreon.