The Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 1 - The 5th Vital Sign

It’s here! The VERY FIRST episode of The Heavy Flow Podcast and I am so excited to be chatting with Emily Varnam and Kelsey Knight of The Fifth Vital Sign. We talk about the role menstrual cycles play in our overall health and wellness, teaching kids about reproductive health, how to start tuning into your body, informed consent and navigating the medical system, and of course Kelsey and Emily’s 1,500-mile tour through 43 states!

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thefifthvitalsign at gmail dot com

Heavy Flow Podcast Episode 01: The Fifth Vital Sign

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Laura Wershler + Body Literacy
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I receive an affiliate commission from some of the links above.

Music Credit: Julia and Bradley of Home Studios
Graphic Design: Rachel Laird