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Wild Rice Salad

One of my earliest childhood memories was learning how to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. I can clearly remember writing out the “recipe” over and over in my notebook – I was partly testing out different handwriting styles, but also ensuring I wouldn’t forget the right amount of milk to pour in or how many seconds it needed to get blitzed. I needed a guide to make sure I got it right every time.


My Favourite Natural Beauty Bits

SHININGMy path to natural health and holistic wellness didn’t start in the kitchen, but rather in the bathroom after I developed a terrible rash from using antiperspirant. Switching to a natural deodorant cleared it up almost immediately, but a new rash soon surfaced – this time on my eyelids. Itchy, watery, puffy eyes and skin were enough for me to trash all my make-up, lotions, potions, shampoos, creams and gels. That was seven years ago and I’ve never looked back.

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