My mission is to break the curse of menstruation.

I want you to:

• Have a shame-free, painless period
• Understand your menstrual cycle and have agency over your own body
• Make truly informed decisions about sex, birth control and your health

I am a feminist holistic nutritionist specializing in menstrual health. I help people understand their menstrual cycles and have better periods without defaulting to hormonal birth control.

My passion for periods was sparked when I first learned about menstruation in grade five health class. Now I offer body literacy workshops to cis women and gender nonconforming people looking to understand their cycles and improve how they experience their periods.

I podcast about periods, reproductive health and the other health and wellness topics that we’re not supposed to talk about; because menstruation, abortion, miscarriage, infertility and menopause are all facts of life that need not be concealed.

Talking about these topics out loud breaks the cycle of shame and leads to body literacy and empowerment — for all of us.