Hey, I’m Amanda! I am a holistic nutritionist (but not the kind that makes you feel shitty about drinking wine and eating chips), host of The Heavy Flow Podcast and an advocate for clear, honest and intelligent exchange about health and wellness (particularly when it comes to the topics we’re not supposed to talk about).

How did I start casually talking about periods in public? I’ve always been interested in health and wellness, particularly hormonal and reproductive health. For as long as I can remember I’ve been the go-to friend to answer questions about your period, a yeast infection or the weird stuff you keep finding in your underwear.

As a teenager, I made zines about toxic tampons and sewed my own pads, and I worked at a health food store throughout college. Then, I went off into the real world, got a “real” job working in corporate communications and PR and forgot all about my crunchy granola roots.

On my 30th birthday, I found myself with everything I had dreamed– an amazing supportive partner, a great career on the VP track and a house in downtown Toronto. But I felt like shit, physically and mentally. I knew if I didn’t make a dramatic change, fast, I was headed for a major health crisis.

I started eating more plants, drinking more water, moving my body and prioritizing self-care. It made such a difference that in 2013 I went back to school to study holistic nutrition.

While in school I was diagnosed with PCOS after 13 years of using hormonal birth control pills. My personal experiencing rebalancing my hormones and managing PCOS with diet and lifestyle reignited my passion for reproductive health and when I began to work as a nutritionist I specialized my practice in hormonal and menstrual health.

But the more time I spent with clients, the less time I spent talking about food as I came to realize so many of us lack the basics of body literacy. And by no fault of our own; we’re simply not taught about our bodies, particularly phenotypically female bodies. I believe that a lack of education and understanding about female health and wellness is part of the systemic oppression of women everywhere.

In 2017 I launched The Heavy Flow Podcast as a way to break down health and wellness taboos. Each week I have casual conversations about the topics we’re not supposed to talk about to educate and empower bodies everywhere.